thursday 25/06/2009

I am selling her for 84000 clintz on the market or if you buy her by PM I will sell you 83000

Mods please close

I have two dorians they are 9,250 each pm me to buy them.

Dude!!!!! He is cheap already, take place in tourneys you get 50 clintz+ for each you participate in

I don't think that many people will accept your trade.

Close plz

Mods Please close this topic! smiley

wednesday 24/06/2009

I will buy Scubb, clan Piranas. Send me an mp, thank

How bout 100 clints and u got a deal

That is about 15k off

Pm my friend KhmerYoungin...i think he still has his Tana and he wants Alec

Close. i made the exchange with chrizzie

Buying Ielena for 1800 smiley need it ASAP please

I think TNT-AD is looking to buy one, not sell...

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