wednesday 24/06/2009

Subject is closed.

tuesday 23/06/2009

Close please
Ian wins

150 on market

Sold close please

Close please, thanks.

I'll trade Skullface Cr

Mods Please close, it sold.

Admin close please

The cards you offer are worth around 45k-50k, which is around 1/3 of Lamar Cr's value. I guess you are trading multiples of Bangers and/or planning on adding clintz to this offer.

Selling my Flavio Cr for an offer made up of cards + clintz to equal around 540k (40k below market price)

Current lowest market price is 580k

PM me please I'm very willing to negotiate

I will do this trade send the tanareva i am online now please i am waiting

I offer Skullface Cr for your MIss Twice Cr

Close pls

Anyone???, PLease I eally need to sell him!!!

Done and please close

So you have a vickie cr and you are trading for a kerozinn cr ?

To Fast is Fun - Yes, that is true. The reserve price is not the ending price. 5M8 for 0 exp and 5M5 for full exp are reserve prices. The higherst offer in these forums are not higher than 2M now ...

But -
1) if the reserve price is stated, it is probably the minimal price, that the seller accepts = the minimal selling price.
2) if I offer more than is the reserve price, it does not mean, that my offer is value of the card. That means only that I want Lyse Teria CR a lot ! :o)

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