friday 22/05/2009

Sorry I meant smiley

Close please.

My cr are full xp but can give 0 xp

Mods, pls close, tnx!

I've got an 0xp one.
PM me.

Close please

I have bhooma and borss 250 each

Sold plz close modz

ATM I can only pay a max of 587 and if u give me a price preferably lower than market price and some time to get it i can. also im willing to trade if someone asks for another card in exchange for a pirana ill try to get it

Anyone got a Vermyn N? If you do private message me.

Close please

Close please sold already

thursday 21/05/2009

Buying don 1k or cheeper I will go with the lowest bidder. Post your price and then give me a private sale.

People he is exchanging his cards for YOUR vickie cr not the other way around.

Buying Petra for 1935.. please send deals. Thanks smiley

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