sunday 21/06/2009

Someone ple sell me Jackie for 24-25k please. Sell me privately

The question is not about playability, but about market value. Shawoman Cr is not playable, but I would surely give a Lamar Cr, a Splata Cr and a Vickie Cr, lol.

Anyway, mods can close this. The Ambrose Cr was trade for Swidz Cr, Geuner Cr, Seldnor Cr, Tanaereva and Ongh, all 0xp. A good trade, wasnt it? smiley

Thanks to all. Mods close please.

I will trade edd for jesse
PM me if intrestedsmiley

I'll buy Zatman for 13k-14k plz anyone


PM for bussines

Someone can take this post down now.

You're about 1m short on Manon, but close to a Scarlett.

Can u sell me Hawk for about 2k to 3k PLZ smiley

saturday 20/06/2009

Buying The Following:

Greow - 2500
Elea - 850
Scopica - 1300
Askai - 550
Borss - 300
Radek - 250
Mindy - 500

I'd Appricate It
Thank You smiley

Fabio for anything besides Nimetiec?

An azgroth for don or edd?

Pm me. I got a Nanook

I am willing to buy Mona for 5.6k
I know it is a little under marketprice but help me out.


Buying edd for 1800 clintz, rosa for 1000 clintz just private sell it... ill buy it...

Is that all u need? cause i get a few others. i guess i can give u jalil for 900.

I have a lobo. make an offer. Preferably Pirana or Junkz.

Close I forgot this post was open and i sold him long ago thanks


If he stole cards then report him directly to a Moderator and ask them to close this Scam

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