saturday 20/06/2009

I want to buy Aylen for about 7k less about 12000
Any Option

Close plz

friday 19/06/2009

Please close this subject, thank you

I have all piranas

Mods please close this subject

thank you

I think your gonna have to raise your price about at least 100k seeing that at the time of this post marylsa Cr is over 700k



You do realise when new crs come he will og higher sooo m8 u can if you want but i would stick with it


I want to trade My:

Hawkins(Full Exp)
Smokey(Full Exp)

for your:

Charlie (Any Exp is excepted)

I would also like to trade my:

Rolph (Full Exp)
Methane(Full Exp)
Brimstome (Full Exp)
Tula (Full Exp)
Tyd (Full Exp)
Darth (Full Exp)

for your:

Yayoi (Any Exp accepted)

I am also willing to negotiate. PM me with offers if you are interested. I would preferably like to trade for both at the same time, but if not, that is okay too. I'm willing to work out a deal. Thanks.


Close please!
Nobody is willing to sell.

> > I was wondering f you would take a trade.
> >
> > 63k
> > Alec=34k
> > Marco=16k
> > Kerry=9k
> > Auora=6.6k
> > Anita2.3k
> > Lea=1.1k
> > Elvira=3k
> > Ambre15k
> > =================151k
> > I want
> >
> > Vickie
> > Jackie
> > Zatman
> > Mona
> > spagati
> > Rubie
> > otavia
> > Oxen
> > 155k
> >
> >
> > Plz it is realy close.

PM ME Its faster. No partal trades i want all from one person if possible if just want cash i will do but value will be less. Also more clitz as i get them.

My Murray for your leviaton

Close pease I have Jackie


Now i got Mona (U)

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