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saturday 28/11/2009

Mods plz close

The funny thing is he wants to sell it 10 clintz cheaper thats on the market.

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Geuner Cr for 20000 and Diyo Cr for 20000.

pm me if interested


I got Dalhia for 19k still need Bloodh and Hawkins!

striker 9k
marina 7k
jessie 2.2k
randy 400
or striker + marina + randy + jessie all for 17 k

friday 27/11/2009

I sell u still want? msg me

I got ghumbo so if u want to sell me glorg you will have to wait until i get more clints

Sold today
auction finished...

Hello again jjexx1998.

You have an Eyrton up for sale for 930 Clintz I believe.
I do not think that is very reasonable as seeing that card costs around 700 Clintz on market.

Maybe try to bring it down a little so you have more success.

Good luck jjexx1998!

Ill buy ongh for 18000 or little more

Mods can close subject thanks alot

I´m searching:

Thanks for the Avola. Please close this subject mods.smiley

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