friday 26/06/2009

Read this part:
It's in market!! Look them up. Cheapest prices for those cards at time of posting!!!

Deal off Please colse moderators
Ty smiley

Please close this thread

This should be closed the post is over 5 months old

Could you sell me uppers and Ulu watu on private?

Ill give you rubie

Lol wow-_- june 1st, nice its over already and no buyers

I have No Nam Gertrud and Bruce

all for 6k

Trading my Nahi Cr -62k
plus morphun 20k
plus 20k clints for
Vickie Cr 100k

Pm me for faster response or post here to trade

I can sell you Wakai for 750.

Im offering to give you peeler,rowdy,gibson,gil,onik,and a mystery card for an extra.


Just as the title says

I'll give you 500 for Lost Hog

Buying more marco for 10k ea. Please sell them thank you.

You only get 12 pillz people don't have 50 .

Close this I don't even know where this would go, it is so off smileysmileysmileysmiley

thursday 25/06/2009

I want her, but I can by no means give you a proper offer. Unless 20732 clintz and 8 copies of Bennie is okay? smiley

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