wednesday 17/06/2009

Please close. i assume nobody is interested.

I have 35 684 clintz and a few spare cards

Please close subject thks mods

Buying the foloowing Jungo's and Pussycat cards:

Ninja Nyne
Baby Q

I may not be able to pay you right away, but be asured, you will be paid. Please pm me to arrange the price.

I wil give you a level three.

Im looking for those 2 Melvin and Nakata for a little cheaper then market value PM or post if interested in selling.

Ok ill keep u in touch if nobody answer smiley

Ill buy emeth for 2.7k reply quickly

Azgaroth is now 2.8k on the market...


I just got gaia on market for 1900 so dont need that any more dont need bryan either

ACtually don't trade me any of those cards-- I bought them.....smiley
But trade me Taham+Gibson+Fuzz=7.5k-8k
If it's to exspensive then I'll add in some cash

I sell this cards or trade for other cr's

He said hes looking for not selling jerod noone in right mind would sell kolos for 700

I will trade my kharl for you sigmud cr.

I will give two.

I will trade rebeca for yayoi.

Scotty and arkn for 900 clintz]

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