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tuesday 24/11/2009

Close Got her!

I have Ghumbo (U) Kolos (R) Kenny (R) and Pan (R)

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Plz Close

Topic can be closed

Hes 10k on the market today

Searching 1 marlysa cr 0xp
2 vickie cr 0xp
2 lamar cr 0xp
2 kerozinn cr 0xp
pm me if interested
thx mods.

Close it plz sorry sixsidedman

Well, do it if you want, but yeah:

My Elya Cr + 20,000 Clintz for your Tessa Cr (any XP).

PM me. Thankies!

Berserkgirl Cr 0 xp

Nvm please close if anyone is interested they are all in market now

Anyone please

She is full. He said the one he had was owned by me so it is full

Please close

Close plz

Add 500 clintz

Im selling him for 3.9k full exp

monday 23/11/2009

Im buying jennas 0xp 1k a peice

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