tuesday 16/06/2009

Heya guys looking to trade some of my cards for your Morphun

I am offering Ratanah (0 exp) + Graksmxxt (0 exp) + 1k for him which is close to 19k

If you like the look of the offer just meesage me, thanks! smiley

Close please, this thread has been spammed to death with srupid offers smiley

Trading Alec from Rescue for Hawkins and Dalhia

Any level you have

Close please alredy sold

1265 for akenandram

Sold.. Please Close

I'll trade

I'm looking to buy a level 4 ratanah for around 5.5k-5.9k

monday 15/06/2009

Sorry, nvm. 4* Lulabee for 5* Lulabee and Lin Bee

For 2200 clintz

Ok deal you send me half the cards for 50 i send you jackie you send me rest

He is a Novice!
Look : Novice, 6 characters out of 498.

Close please

Could you close this thread please, I got a Vickie now. Thanks

Please do tell me what your willing to sell Spiaghi for. I am somewhat new but willing to put up either Clintz or a fair trade close to market value. Thanks! smiley

Marlysa was sold! smiley

Kerozinn is still for trade/sell

Ummm look at prices ratanah for XU52 IS GOOD !

For 1700 clintz

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