sunday 17/05/2009

Sorry all sold

Ok kool, send kenny over and ill send both my Hax over smiley

There is basiclly no way you are going to get a Baby Q for a Gwen maxxed...Baby Q is ~1200 and gwen is less than 300...if we were talking a 0xp gwen then we could do something

Dude noone is gonna buy a boohma for 200 clintz if you can buy it for 140 in the market

U realize the reason no one has ever sold u a bloodh or hawkins or any of the other rediculous cards u keep asking for is because they can sell them for more on the market!smiley

Close please

Close plz

close please

Thanks SavetheKinna .
Mods, please close this! smiley

At current market prices Daliah 15K
Hattori 4.9k + Ryuichi 4.5k + Lost hog 2.6 + Kinjo 1.7k + Linda 1.6k = 15.3k so id throw in some clintz to
I need them all and whant to trade same for same to avoid selling costs

Oh, I ddin't notice. Should this be closed then, maybe?

Done! Close this please

I have a max lamar and I am looking for a 0xp one. I will compensate the difference.


This can be closed

This trade is done.

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