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thursday 02/07/2009

I want to buy the Skeelz cheap because i am trying to prove to my friend that i can get people to sell me really expensive cards for dirt cheap, if you want to help prove it then send me a private sale of a skeelz card for cheap...XD

Please close he sold already

OK, the price has been changed !

my GURU 0 exp for your GURU full exp +50K

I don't have Aurora anymoresmileysmileysmiley

I will buy all 0xp Wandas for 1.5k

Plz close thnx mod

Close pls
Thanks mOds

Ok grudj and i will throw in 471 clinz
final offer

Sorry plz close it ... i've take a misstake...smiley

Last call

@xSyked: sorry, clintz only

I want Vickie Cr really bad, Pm me so we can talk this out

Ill trade oyoh or jessie or robb for taham

Close plz


PM me to negotiate.

Im looking for a Hattori for 4k! I cant afford anyone on the market for 4.4k... -_-

Close please
just got 1

400clintz that in public market now

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