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sunday 22/11/2009

Cards you have total value 13,100 (sound about right?)
I will trade you 4 x Phyllis (3,400) for a total value of 13,600
If you think this is fair let me know... if not let me know...

Its done can be closed ty

PA_Killday20 won the auction please close

I wish to purchase a glenn of any lvl for 1000-1400 clintz.
If anyone out there has a glenn they'll sell to me for this slightly lower price, i'll be very THANKFUL.

Selling Vickie Cr for 140k pm me if you want it

Buying 2* jeena at 700+ a piece
or trading cards for them.

I know its a bit low but I have 133k.

I have tomas but that's not enough. can you trade?

Which rescue cards? i have striker

Please close thread, thanks mods

For 525 clintz plz

Look my bio to see how many spiaghi i have thanks

In your pvt sales vukovar

stats: 5*
8/8- ability: invisibility smiley

What other cards are you looking for im interested in eris, dash, taham?

I offer Manon Scarlet 1M and Marylisa smiley

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