sunday 17/05/2009

This can be closed

This trade is done.

I have a miss twice and and can add some other cards

Mods may close

I,m selling for 15700 clintz pm me if interested

Lol petra for nistarok not gonna have happen his at least double the price for her

Berserkgirl for 800.000 clintz...


Why dont you just go to the market? go under my collection to ''>> the market'' then click the ''B'' and then Descending. Then u will find a Willy and Blaaster. Willy is normally around 3000 clintz and Blaaster is normally around 7000 clintz. If you want a cheap Willy wait until its under 2800 clintz and if you want a cheap Blaaster wait for it to go under 6500 clintz.

saturday 16/05/2009

I would like to trade with anyone who wants this card.
PM if interested

I will trade or sell for either of the new all stars, good La Junta, or Piranas

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Ok anyne with these two characters make me a offer, im willing to haggle.

If your only offering one I need some clintz with it

Which Bangers do you have? If you have a Juicy Lord at 0 EXP i'll but it off of you for 3500 clintz. What about Vermyn N at any level. I'll but it off of you for 7000 clintz.

I'll give you hammer and robb for graksmxxt. pm me for details.

Looking to trade a 0 exp Ongh +1k for someone's Kenny. If interested, please pm!

Are you mad, all of the following cards! Kenny is worth 14,000

K wat is it for niva and or kolos

They are 150 on the market!

Toro is only 3900 on the market!

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