saturday 20/06/2009

If he stole cards then report him directly to a Moderator and ask them to close this Scam

For 1250 clintz.

I know market price is currently little higher, but I saw it fall to 1250 earlier today, when I didn't have enough clintz. If anyone has an extra Naginata lying around, please help a poor guy around. smiley

Probably not for this low price smiley

Hey man atm the total for the clan on the market is a little over 27k so you may need to lower your offer. pm me if you do.

Why do we have two Spaniards here? smiley
I understand, and I'm sure everyone else will...
Sorry, but I don't have Tessa or Kero, but good luck!

Can you delete this plz

Can i have a little discount like i may buy it for 380 clintz

Lol its just a little discount if you cant sell it for 250 imay onsider it for 280

Close this message board card already been sold smiley

Can someone sell me Jackie for 24k. If anyone do sell me privately. i know its cheap but i cant buy credit. So please help me to complete my deck. Thanks.

Buying Marco for 12k
Buying Charlie for 10.9k

Why does it say that at lvl 2 its 200,000

I want to buy Aylen for about 7k less about 12000
Any Option

Close plz

friday 19/06/2009

Please close this subject, thank you

I have all piranas

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