wednesday 13/05/2009

Starting price 400. interested?

Please close
i already bought from someone
ty mods

Please close mods

Close please

Selling all montana cards- no crs
Im saying 18500clintz
pm me for faster response

I got Coby For A Market Price of 9000 Pm me

Buy my bloodh for 8000?

33k to 34k

For 9k or less. PM me with offers. I know he's 10-11k atm. That's why I'm looking for a discount here.

Thanks, modz!

Haha . . Okaayy?

Buying Bloodh For 6500-6900 ty

Anyone got one? I will buy for 350 Clintz. I know thats really little but I really want that card.

Close please.thanks

How much in montana for eddie,and anyother 3-5 star cards

ARe you even auctioning him anymore? lol.

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