monday 08/06/2009

pm me

Looking to trade my Lamar Cr for your Tessa Cr

Deal over.

3300 at market and fellow korean

33k clintz+2 onghs+ jackie+zatman thats about 100k or a little over pm me if interested...

Close please

I m buying Enzo for 2000 clintz

Send me your offers via PM, I will go under market value for these cards but all low ball bids will be ignored

La Junta - Admiral Py , Dacote , Leo , Mitch , Myke , Winifred , Winston
Sentinel - Aurelia , Miranda , Rebecca , Robin , Zdrone
Sakrohm - Na boh , Venus

Mods, I wasn't sure where to put this, and if you know the answer you can just close it and tell me.

So a while ago I was on and I saw something about the art of a card changing.
I think it was Katan.
I was just wondering what card it was, and if there is anywhere I can see the original art.

I buy katan 3.3k sell in private

Go to your private sales

Close please and thank you

sunday 07/06/2009

Buying ambre 14k

Buy Liu 2,6k

I got it earl6 thx so much. Thread Close now

I search geuner cr for 26700...

Close please
Thank You everyone especially mods

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