tuesday 12/05/2009

I sold Sung Tsu.

Close this please!

I got a jackie what clans you have

Pls close

Buying a Ambre for 10k clintz xD
All i have smiley

Ill sell my timber to you 50 clintz is that ok?

Selling them 0xp

I have 20+ 0xp Greows and alot of 0xp Scotty.

PM me if interested

For mitch myke and leo ill trade you na boh. You come out 100 clintz better

I want to trade my Dolly for Phyllis.
Pm me for faster response.

monday 11/05/2009

Close plz

Plz close mods

All sold admin please close.

Thanks Mods
changed my mind

CLOSE please smiley

I change my reine cr for crs that be bettewen 100k-150k the difference in taham 4 star.
or card that be 0 xp type tanaereva,marco,alec,jackie thanks.
send me a mp better thanks.

Mods please close. Cards have all been sold.

Buying uranus for 4.8k
put on my private sales . . .
plsss. .^___^

I would like to buy a Gina Glitt. 250 clintz...pm me or put in box

I will give 2000 for him...pm me

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