saturday 09/05/2009

friday 08/05/2009

How much i have Wendel

I'm a little short on clintz so I'm asking anyone who's kind enough to sell me a Marco or Alec for 16k. Thank you. PM me.

Ok, will trade:
leviatonn for shakra
Toro for ratanah

For 2 300 clitz pm me

Close plz already traded

Please close this one thanks

Please close

Deal, put in my sales

Firstly the cheapest maxed Azgroth on the market at this moment is 5,100.

Secondly I have sold two so far at 5,300 without much trouble.

Please stop telling me what prices I should sell my cards at.

7/9 remaining, thanks!

Guener and cassio for tanaerva and striker

Add 35k and ill trade for miss twice cr

Buying zatman for 12.5k clintz.

Timber for vanasar

20 taham 4 star and 15 aurora 4 star for cr`s
i need cr at 100k-150k but not all taham and aurora for 1 cr ok??

Rowdy lv 1 ?

Close please.

Mona for 5k PM me or private sell it to me

Hattori and Emeth is gone....this is closed...Thanks for your time guys!
I really appreciate it! smiley
Close this one please!

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