thursday 04/06/2009

Since 0x coppers cost less then the price you are charging... it makes more sense to just a buy a 0xp one for less and lvl it up to 4*. you will need good luck to get offers even close to the amount you are asking.


wednesday 03/06/2009

Close this please mods...I double posted smiley

Trading my Striker for your Wee Lee and 1k clintz to match Strikers price.

Pm me if you're interested.


Buy globumm preffer 0xpfor 250 300

Will anyone psell me prince jr for less than 850?

Close please

Bought thx close plz

Please close this. Already had one

I have a 0xp Wee Lee pm me when you are ready

Multi of liar_game maybe?
Looks very similar to his other post...

Any one selling?

Ok close pls thk u mods

I want 2 buy a cheap bodenpower of 2000cz, anyone who wants to help me pls sell me privately

I am trying to get a hawkins for as cheap as possible it is the only card im missing for my piranha deck! Post your offers here as well as pm me, please help! smiley

Please close found someone.

Well i got Cyan so thats one less from the list please continue to pm me or leave offers here smiley once again thanks for helping a noob in need.

Okay still on my quest to obtain Vickie Cr I have 2 Striker, 2 Marina, 1 Liu, 1 Jessie, 1 Blaaster. POst a negotiable price

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