thursday 07/05/2009

I'll pay more if it is a big lot of cards smiley

Im buying that snake for 4,500's in the title.
anybody wanna help me with this?thanks.i prefer 0 XP.thanks.smiley

Pls close this coz someone already sold one?

2 messages

2.4k and 1.2k card

Petra - sold
still need all those cards

550 for Timber.

Close please

Ill take put in my private sales

wednesday 06/05/2009

Ill sell you my timber for 700 clintz

On the market the prize is 1,6K
I sell to you for 1,6k

Im buying morphun

willing to pay 16000 - 19000

if interested pm me or post here.

I'll sell it to you

I have Giovanni. PM me and name the price.

I will sell you Giovanni. name the price. PM me.

I'll sell you my Giovanni

I only have Cassio Cr at the moment...

Sos bought close please

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