wednesday 06/05/2009

Comon its a good deal

I will buy Rowdy for 5500 please put in my sales or pm me thanks alot!

Close please smiley

Close please

1* Uranus (U) 6100
4* Ratanah (U) 5200

message me if ur interested, thx

Rebecca is one of the worst cards u can get sell for about 200 what about micthlle his last evolotion is bad his frist one is better so sell him for about 195 i know i had them both and they are bad

I'll trade my Kenny for Alec

Need a Katan cheap Price around 2500 Great Help Pay the seller back later.

Aurora for 5850

I messaged him, said wony take less than 10k

tuesday 05/05/2009

Looking for a good price or

a swap with a card around the same

value thanks mods smiley

Please not over 2,3k
PM me or write here and give me a cheap prize

I would like it to be as cheap as possible if possible.

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