monday 01/06/2009

How much for fuzz

I have spycee wana trade

Wanna trade for sylth

Ill give you 800 for Veenyle


40,000 clintz all for rescue and bangers

Id like Sakrohm
GraksmxxT (R)
Na Boh (R)
Uranus (U)
Wakai (R)

Unfortunately, after carefully checking the rules in the market place, I have to close this thread.

As some of you know, this was already attempted by a player in the past. It was a huge success but at the end of the thread, it was announced that any further attempt to copy it will be closed/not accepted in the message board.

For reference of this rule, please check: (Post 286 by a former moderator)


Im looking for a

tessa cr

and ille give you

reine cr + 1 alec

sunday 31/05/2009


Ill give you 30k for them

I buy katana for 2.5ksmileysmiley

I want to buy him for 4.5ksmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Buying all Dreen's for 100-200 each and Spaighi for 300 each

Post or Pm me or put in my ps

Exchange my Hikiyousan for your Shakra.

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