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thursday 05/11/2009

I want your gumbo

Please close, I finally have my Hawk!

Buying her for cheaper price than the market. Please private message me if you are interested. smiley

But iwant 0 xp, can add a bit too

I'll pay 150k for an Elya or trade my Vicki 0xp plus 40k. Send a message or set up a private trade.

I will trade you a Hawkins for Caelus

Ive got Coby and Swidz that i am selling, pm me if u are interested


smiley my emeth for your sylth

thanks mods

5800 for niva and naginata minimoss

Bump. anyone?

wednesday 04/11/2009

Mods, destroy this subjectsmiley

I have two mojo's and a bridget

Chad Bread what do you want for it,,,,, cost wise...

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