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sunday 27/09/2009

Selling terry 4.9k-7,000 clintz

Pm me prices plz buy smiley

Mods close plz

Lol..and even at that price they are a pretty big rip off as it pretty much costs 180 for 10xp...whereas you can get 0xp timbers which cost 300 for 100xp...

Close please

Selling Ghumbo level 2 12 222 Clintz

Selling Ghumbo Level 5 14 999 Clintz

I will sell you Ricardo for 100 clintz

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Mod close plz
thank u

I will trade your vickie cr for my alec cr and 7000 clintz

Hb striker and 375 clintz caelus is fairly new he will problay drop down the 750 clintz

I'm buying 7 Lennox 's ... sell it to me for same as market prize... just sell it to me privat... il buy it immidiatly

Close pls


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Mod cloze plz. thank U

Close traded him

[trade] cesare + nellie + fei + 1600 for marco

pm me for other offers or post here

Another offer
fei + sandro + 2500 for marco

please accept

Mods close please

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