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monday 15/06/2009

Close please

sunday 14/06/2009


I'll buy your Alec (U) for 21,000k clintz..

Private sell or Pm me if ur interested..


OK then.
Mods, close this...I will sell Lin Xia on the market and get the All Stars myself

I'm looking for a Jim Cr or a Cr Scullface for 79,000 Clintz. It will be a birthday present for our admin. Unfortunately, we could not collect more than this.

Tnx mods, close please.

I want to buy a louise for 2 k or trade my anita with it

Okay just close please it has no sense =)

Anybody wanna change?

I'll give you 4.6k for hawk

Ok make private

I am looking for kerry lv3 to striker full, any body?

I'm always wonder why ppl sale smoothing above market price by posting on forum , but good luck anyway.

Lol market 3smileyoo clintz puufffff ¬¬

I sell my seldnor CR 28k !


Trade uranus for steve

Ok sell me the scubb for 300 in my ps

Ambre - 14k (0xp)

Sorry I already did the trade

close this smiley

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