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sunday 28/06/2009

Looking for all skeelz except liam. i will pay 10,000 in clintz and trade good card to make up the rest of the money.please contact me through a pm

I want one for 1000

I'll sell him

saturday 27/06/2009

I have Miss Twice Cr and shes for sale but i dont know that any of theseoffers meet her price,, i have looked but she is 80k

I want clintz and Cr´s like: Vickie Cr 0 exp - Kerozinn Cr 0 exp - Lamar Cr 0 exp - Tessa Cr 0 exp - Elya Cr 0 exp - Ambrose Cr - Melissa Cr - Dragan Cr - Aldebaran Cr - Marlysa Cr - Lao Cr 0 exp - Armanda Cr 0 exp

Some offer??? smileysmileysmiley

I bring it up to 900

7.4k on the market

Looking for Vicky Cr at 100,000 or less

Ermm i got lamar Cr for sale so how do we trade nd ill see what i want then we trade

Hello, I have Elya and Nahi and I look for Splata e Lamar. If you have this cards for trade, send a pm for me, with a proposal.

Thanks a lot!

Also willing to trade her for zatman (also market price pending so if he goes back to 16k an she drops to 113k again will need compensation for difference)

Buying cheap sting for 799.smiley

I dont exchange sory

Anyone sell for 22k?

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