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monday 02/11/2009

I have a Shann as well

I am intrested in ur Elya Cr mail me plz

Budd winfred and others

I want a nahi cr badly but i dont know wat is a k help me out !

Pm me or post here im ok for negtiations

Can i trade a Miss Lulabee full xp for a Linda plz?

I have a Lulabee u know and it is about the price................. smiley

Ill buy edd for 500 clints

Miss Twice Cr, Copper 4*, Caelus 2*, Zatman 1*, & Marco 2*

Ok yea my bad it changed mods shut this down

The suggested price has now dropped to 200k, you could buy a used 3* vickie Cr for that price or a 0xp 3* vickie cr smiley

I would like to buy 1 for 116k


Hes going for 35 but ill go a little lower so pm me or message here

Close this

sunday 01/11/2009

Any offers?

Je vends cassio Cr pour tous les roots hormis les Crs et shakra

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