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thursday 11/06/2009

Anyone? i could offer up to 30k

Your lamar cr for my vickir cr copper hawk lehena and striker...pm me

Buying Steve 7.7k clintz just private sell it to me

I am trading my elya cr 0xp (200k) at time of message for a kerozinn cr (119k), tanaerva (42k) and alec (20k)...

therefore I am trading u 200k at time of message for 119+42+20=181k...get it while it lasts...

Mods please close. sold from private message.

He is a novice level 8!
Mods....close this subject...he/she got no more cards.

Close pleazsmiley

Buy (NOT Sell) Glorg for 3500 clintz.

Already bought 1...close this thread please and thx

Please close i changed my mind

Close please

wednesday 10/06/2009

Close this subject, I changed my mind...sorry mods

My 90k clintz + 5 Chikko cr for your Splata cr. please =)

Dou you sell any cards???smiley

Sold close please

I can offer you a vickie plus lulabee

Will sell Louise for a reasonable price, or trade for a descent sentinel card

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