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sunday 01/11/2009

Title says it all

trading my lamar full for 0xp vickie + compliment..

might consider good trades besides vickie..

pm or post here

Buy FULL LEVEL Pulsar ..210 each please private sell it to me...
i am purchasing about 80 of them only

I have lama cr

I have dalhia wanna TRade?

I am selling lamar cr for some other cards.smiley

I can now offer Miss Twice Cr, Cassio Cr and Ongh plus 2k in clintz

Anything under 1968 is great stick it in my psales

I also have plenty of clintz to help offers and please PM me with offers thanks!

Close. thank you mods!

Mods plz close

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I TRADE Hattori ( fang pi clang )smiley

I'm looking for 2 alec cr , i trade with a kerozinm cr

thx mod

LoL, noone will give you that for present.. smiley

Itz market valu

e is 3450.......................

I am now offering 4 one star fillers 0xp

Pm me if u have an offer

Thanks mods u can close now

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