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saturday 31/10/2009

For 3700 clintz message me and just put on my private sales

Lemme know whats in the deck also peeps i aint trading this for a deck full o mykes and diegos ((man what is my obsession with myke?? every time i make one of these i use myke as an example??))

I'm looking to buy Geuner Cr for 20k clintz and Seldnor Cr for 22k clintz.
please pm me for quicker responce

My kerozinn cr 0xp for a kerozinn cr full xp + 1K

I buy ALL your dreen in 225.
If you have one, dont ask me, sell me in private sells.

Thank you mods
close please

those cards really fit... but it has a gap of 500 but i'm covering it by 900 so there will be no problem.

Ya have a Nahi Cr you tradin?

Wat do ya want cause im only tradin.

I'd like to trade my Corvus with Yayoi + Muze, adding some clintz is okay for me.

Close plz. thanks mods

I can also accept a trade of cards, just pm me

friday 30/10/2009

Lookin for some nightmares PM me and no stupid offers plz

Ok i Have crap loads of caelus

and i am looking for atleast 10500 Clintz each there 4 star 0xp-100xp
if not 10.5K i would accept 3 chiara +1K and also other offers Pm me with
Concerns about purchasing


P.s Thanks Mods(Bots)..Lol !!smiley

I give uranus


So nobody have a ghumbo here....

I already traded with him smiley

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