tuesday 28/04/2009

I will buy all your:
-Mindy's for 330 clintz
-Radek's for 250 clintz
-Scotty's for 800 clintz
-Greow's for 1,200 clintz
-Borss' for 125 clintz

Just put them in my private sales...
Thanks all.

Hi ill buy your z3r0 d34d 0xp for 3400 ? smiley

Close please

I am looking for a scorpica at any lvl. I would like to get a good price possibly below market price.

[TRADE] Gary (Montanas) for Mindy or Somba (Jungo)

Bridget is 1* card

Are you going to sell one to me?

Preferebly 0xp

Dwain Cr - 70000

Imma logout. if anyone helps please leave it in my private sales. thanks againsmileysmileysmiley

As tittle..
my card is full xp and looking for full ex sylth and ongh

Please close, Mods/Admins. Thank you! smiley

My timber is now level2smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

Close this plz i got enough now

Lol idk wat i meant, i mean i have lets, negotiate

I;m selling tanaereva for only 41000clintz..

I am looking for a maxxed Kerozinn Cr, my initial offer is 91k which is just a little below market price. Pm me and we can negotiate.


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