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sunday 14/06/2009

I want to buy a louise for 2 k or trade my anita with it

Okay just close please it has no sense =)

Anybody wanna change?

I'll give you 4.6k for hawk

Ok make private

I am looking for kerry lv3 to striker full, any body?

I'm always wonder why ppl sale smoothing above market price by posting on forum , but good luck anyway.

Lol market 3smileyoo clintz puufffff ¬¬

I sell my seldnor CR 28k !


Trade uranus for steve

Ok sell me the scubb for 300 in my ps

Ambre - 14k (0xp)

Sorry I already did the trade

close this smiley

Im buying nistarok and phyllis

I am buying lehane for 1600. Quick

Or just buy yourself some credits. smiley

Pm me if you still want those cards

I only have 125 Clintz and 5 Credits. I wants tough looking Bangers.

saturday 13/06/2009

i got what i needed.
Please Close smiley

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