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saturday 13/06/2009

Yeh it is... and posted 2 hours ahead from now... How is that possible?

I mean you made a post before the post was created smiley

Please close - not sure what happened here

Sorry.. but your miles off, try do get some cheaper cards that are still good like askai for example.

I really need a Cr worth 100k+. I am willing to trade with the following cards


Hi I am trading my vickie cr +3k clintz for kerozinn cr. Thanks

Ataoualpet - 109

That's alot of money miady.

Sliman sold, subject can be closed (:

Looking to sell my Flavio Cr, mostly for clintz, but willing to take Crs (Tessa Cr and Miss Twice Cr in particular but not necessary) for a total of around 550k [current lowest market price 595,000) I'm very willing to negotiate so please PM me

Your not going to be able to buy most of these cards.
For example, Marco, Steve, Hax, kerry and Aurora are worth 1-3k maybe
You'll get luck to get them.

I bought a bunch cheap but they didnt sell. 1710 each or equal trade


thanks mods

Is this offer still valid?
PM me if so.

Wow, brilliant maths there Mob Mechanic.
@MasterCard: Your price is a bit high for my liking, considering it's 150% of the current market price.
Please PM me if you're willing to drop that price a bit.

Two trade scenarios:
1) My Ombre Cr + a kicker for your Kerozinn Cr or Vickie Cr
2) My Ombre for 100-105k in misc. clintz and lesser cards, not including low end Soliels

PM me if interested.

Around 11k. or PM offers. thank you!

I also need a shogun to complete my collection of bangersmiley. however i think its price will go down to like 1500 to 3000, i dont think its better than blaaster and its price wont be soooo high, so the best solution is to wait~smiley

Selling or trading Berserkgirl Cr for a deal around 800k [the lowest current market price is 860k]

Looking for Miss Twice Cr and Tessa Cr in particular but they're not necessary I'm willing to negotiate PM me please

I have some clintz to add , well in the market Nobodroid is around 3k, and Niva is around 5k
so I will give 2k for adding it



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