saturday 23/05/2009

Close please...

^.^ I already started investing in radeks too!

His price has started to fall back down to the 280 price range though!

friday 22/05/2009

Splata alone is almost worth that much
and diyo=25K
182K and you only want to pay 140K
you might get in the french forum

Sorry I ment private sell it to dub4

If Striker, Marina, Hammer and Liu are part of the trade + the clintz to make the value up to 1000 clintz below market.
Cheers PM me if you want to deal

I want to buy Ambre for 14.500 clintz. If you are willing to sell me at this price, just send me in private.

I want to sell vickie cr for 115000

anyone wants

Sorry, I mean I'm looking for Marco for 12k.

How many and is that for eacht imber

Still like 4.5k missing lam moh you can earn big time if you try ako nga i get like 2k a day just from dt

Pls close, this, i made seccond one..

I trade my Vickie Cr for 110,000 clintz or some cards..

Your 5,000 clints short

I know how you feel. i'm looking for my first rare card from a pack (buck)
but noone got himsmiley

Sorry I meant smiley

Close please.

My cr are full xp but can give 0 xp

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