monday 27/04/2009

Pls close
i got alec for 15k and marco for 12.5k

Looking for a full mainly.
90,000 clintz. PM me.

Close this.
Someone offered 500 clintz.

I am lokking for Blaaster in the BANGERS clan

I ment Steve so disregard this auction

9000 or best offer

Ill trade
5 hawks for a jackie,
7 for tanaereva
17 for kerozzin cr
14 for miss twice
21 for vickie cr.

i have 21 hawks to trade.

Dwain Cr - 40000 clintz
Nahi Cr - 40000 clintz

pm if interested smiley

Oh i forgot my crs are 0xp

Would anyone want to sell me Arno and Armand for 3,000 clintz?

Close please smiley

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Got kreen



Buying jackie for 25000. Send me a private sale. Clintz on hand.

close subject please

Xcffyhjsmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley:thumbsu smileyp:smileysmileysmiley

As cheap as possible plz, around 4000

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