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friday 05/06/2009

I will buy onik from you

Your still about 30k off, if you throw in a few more cards ill be interested

I only have 5000 if anyone wants to help me out
please and thank you

14 more

Thread closed.


I got an untouched Scarlett Cr, i'd like to trade her for about 1800k
Marlysa Cr should be involved...

Have a nice day!

1100 Each, send PM please smiley

Sorry,I meant to say...I'm trading my vladimir for your B Ball XD

Do you want Hawkins and offer Dalhia?

I am willing to add 400 clints

For your Dalhia i will trade my Lost Hog, Hattori and Ryuichi

CLose Please
gracias smiley

Please Feel Free To PM Me.

Post price here willling to trade

How much for vans or hugo?

PM UR PRICE or Leave it here


How do you guy get that many clintz

Im buying a 0xp Greesh for 240 clintz.

True but even so i think he licke has 100k because mithe by credit

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