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thursday 04/06/2009

Im buying fuill xp shakra for 6k pm me or put in private sales...

I got vickie Cr u got any goood card exapt the cr u got and how much the full pric efor vickie u paying

Sorry everyone.. he went pretty quick..smiley

Close this mod someone just sell it to me for 10k

please close modsmiley

I have one in my other account

If your willing to switch some junta cards around for me I could trade with you

I have taham (full exp)

how much will you give for him?

Ill give 600 for alexei

I will buy murphy from any1 for 600 clintz

Buying gibson any level for 2000 clintz

Close this plz

Bridget maxed for 650 and chloe level 3 for 3500

Since 0x coppers cost less then the price you are charging... it makes more sense to just a buy a 0xp one for less and lvl it up to 4*. you will need good luck to get offers even close to the amount you are asking.


wednesday 03/06/2009

Close this please mods...I double posted smiley

Trading my Striker for your Wee Lee and 1k clintz to match Strikers price.

Pm me if you're interested.


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