monday 18/05/2009

I just want to buy a tula for 500 clints : P

Clz please, thnx mom

Clz plz...thnx mods

Moderators close please.

a deal was made

sunday 17/05/2009

Mod please close

Close plss... smiley

Sell me a Toro ,not over 3500clintz please
write here or PM me

This one is done and dusted....please close

XU52, Leviatonn, akrn, Z3r0 D34d.... what you offering?

I probably butchered his name but ill trade aurora for him


Close please smiley

Sorry all sold

Ok kool, send kenny over and ill send both my Hax over smiley

There is basiclly no way you are going to get a Baby Q for a Gwen maxxed...Baby Q is ~1200 and gwen is less than 300...if we were talking a 0xp gwen then we could do something

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