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thursday 22/10/2009

wednesday 21/10/2009

That was fast. smiley

Lock please.

Close mods, thanks!

Please close moderators
thank you

So i wanna trade my Mona to someone's Yayoi.
Both are almost same price (+-100-200).

I'm looking to buy some amount of sasha...also it's open to any one want's any card for sasha....

be reasonable....smiley

thx mods

Close please

I only have elya cr sorry

My Aldebaran Cr for loads of Vickie Cr or Alec Cr

PM me if interested..

Thanks mods..

Close mods... i will try for smaller trades instead

I want to buy a copper chaper than the market price
pm me with your offer

Closed i sell Hawk to Blaze of Fury

Looking to buy a morphun for 18000 clintz
and garys for 200-280 clintz
pm me please

thx mods

1 Tobbie 2 warren fo Nellie

Serious reasonable Negotiations only don't expect more than it's woth on an average day! PM is the preferred way to Negotiate.

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