sunday 19/04/2009

Although, this is a good idea to hide "pfull" sales. I am afraid this needs to be locked.

Checking the price range of the cards and their current level. It is clearly hinting "pfull" transactions even if the cards are not certainly at the required Pfull level.

If you want to continue with these. Please do them privately.


Please close

The truth is out there........ somewere...


Im looking around 2.2k
just put it on my priv sALEs. . .

Here are the deals:
Ongh for Kerry
Ongh for Striker+1000
Ongh for Steve+2500
Ongh for Hax+4000
Marina+1300 for Striker
Marina for Steve
Marina for Hax+1700

Just send me the offer if you want to do the trade.

I know but it's all i have for now smiley

Everyone who want to give Mona for Eyrik just send me the offer

Please close

My offer was worth 530k

310000 clitz
tessa cr 0exp
Thaumaturge Cr and she didnt except that!!!

i spent the money now so....

Nba allstar - i have his cards

For 4 (four) Terry.

Subject is now closed.smiley

Sorry, this offer isnt very attractive to anybody, just set em on market and buy kolos after

Anybody interested please.thanks.smiley

Make that weelee and 7.6 k for zatman thats a good deal folks

Looking to buy 5 Sylths and 5 Onghs. Yes if you havent noticed i said buy.
Willing to pay 5000 for ea Sylth, 0 xp or max or in between doesnt matter.
And Willing to pay 8000 for ea Ongh, 0 xp or max or in between doesnt matter.

So in total hoping to spend 65,000.
P.S. Will buy 1 or 2 but the for price listed no more and no less.

Pm me the price of Elliot and Halley!

I will buy it for 139k

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