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sunday 18/10/2009

Charlie sold ..

close this plz
ty modz

Terry Cr 0xp sell for 5700 or trade for cards smiley .

PM .

I am willing to trade you if you are ready.

How much you sell

Hello, i buy Wee Lee at 9500 clintz and Tanaereva at 32000 clintz.

Kolos : 18k

Kenny 10k
glorg 4k
ghumbo 7k
Total= 21k


Send a pm for faster response

I sent you a PM about everyone except Crassus, but haven't heard back. Let me know what you think.

My 2 terrys for blaaster, graff, loocio and b ball

I'm looking for marlysa cr, i have some cr to trade
please pm me
only pm please
thx for moderateur to accept my subjec

saturday 17/10/2009

Lamar cr for it all.

Selling 2 0xp malmoth 1.9k

I am trading my 0xp Vickie Cr for a full one plus a few clintz
Post here or private message me if you are interested

Thanks Moderators

Got bryan thnx!

im selling charlie 2* anyone interested?

Close please smiley

Yo i can trade you i got marina and striker. i dont like selling but i can get rid of em got jessie too. lemme know if you wanna trade brah

I need beltran but i don ave the card you when for

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