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saturday 17/10/2009

Ok, Mods lock this thread!

For maxxed tessa cr its ok trade .. for 0exp ..its way off

Shareholder is just try to under bid everything.. anyway I sold all of teh ma and a lot more from around 550, so i really don't care about him, his been posting on others thread to say he buy cards for 100 clintz then what they are asking just to piss everybody.. I little kid in need of love ... don't mind him

Modo please close this thread

100.000 for vickie cr smiley

Whew! finally. this can be close now. thank you all.smiley

Lol thnx still looking

Your mad no ones gonna do it

Your hammer for my graff (compliments can be discussed)

No one, coz you're a pervsmiley lol jk

I'm a bit short on cash and need a Kirk and Nanook, but I only have 1K to spend. Anyone willing to sell to me for 1K?

Looking for Bloodh. Let me know what you want in order to part ways with him.

I am trading Tessa Cr (Who is 0xp!) for a Sigmund Cr

Please PM me is you are willing to make a trade

Mods can u plz close this?

Ill buy kuei private sell me him

Give me 2k and ill do it

Im looking for a tomas at 5-15% off market price

friday 16/10/2009

Close please.

Thank you mods

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