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friday 16/10/2009

Close please got a oxp vickie

Ok, up to 98K
if still no offer, i'll buy it later

I want to buy some caelus put them in my private sales for 7750 each

Up now I offer 92 000


It can be a straight trade. i will also sell the melvins for 2200 each or 6000 for all 3 at once

Pms only
please close this

Wanna buy my phonos? ill sell it for 260 clints smiley

I'm looking to buy Miss Twice CR. The current market price is 67k; anyone that will accept 64k or something around there?

Close THX mods

Yeah, listen to xxxTASOxxx.
It's up to you really. All decks are a gamble, and you could end up with some of the high end cards, or the rubbish low end cards.
As TASO said, when new cards are released into New Blood packs, they are sold at quite high prices early into the release, and this is when you'll make the most of them. If you manage to snag one of the new powerhouses, generally one of the 5* cards, you should be able to sell it for somewhere around the 20k range. If this is the case, 20k should go pretty far in getting you a solid Montana/GHEIST deck. However if you feel you'd prefer to buy a Danger pack and try your luck at getting only three POSSIBLY decent cards per deck, be my guest smiley

I sent you a full jessie jessie its in your sales

Im looking for rowdy for coby + clintz

I got all skeelz smiley

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