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thursday 28/05/2009

Mod can you close this, ive got what i need

I beat you havent even seen his max lvl... he is one of the best cards of uppers, lvl him up and you will see the power

I got plenty to offer to match his value and even give you more value so just feel free to message me

I want to buy

Or you can trade cards or clintz for this amount

Pls close
i think no one is interested
ill just sell him in the markat

tnx mods

I would like to buy your jackie for 21000

Trying to get jackie for 21k I will also add a Boris

Elya Cr 0xp
for sale...possibly trade(must include at least 1 other cr)
no offers for less than 145k smiley

I'm Interested in Dahlia


Im gonna buy thoe 0xp mona for 2k.
just ps me.

Ill raise it up to 55k.thanks.smiley

Close please.

Just as the title says!

I'm looking to sell 18 Mc Decays For 7,500 or trade for a card of equal price!
PM me for faster response

Thanks for putting this up

wednesday 27/05/2009

12k for marco

Jackie 0 xp + gaia+eyrton+onik+2 gary 0 xp + dreen for nahi cr

Already got a Reine Cr

now I can buy Vholt: 67.000

Some1 bought allem plz close thnx mods

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