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thursday 11/06/2009


I can offer one Vickie Cr, one Elya Cr, several cards around 10k and clintz.
Any offer?

Hey Lopez I'll trade you Fabio for Lennox

Close plz. Sharp rapter has offered me 21k srry.

Already bought one.. thanks...

I want dragan cr and i have marlysa cr 0 xp...send me a mp

Ohh,Try It again. I had the option of messages disabled smiley

Anyone? i could offer up to 30k

Your lamar cr for my vickir cr copper hawk lehena and striker...pm me

Buying Steve 7.7k clintz just private sell it to me

I am trading my elya cr 0xp (200k) at time of message for a kerozinn cr (119k), tanaerva (42k) and alec (20k)...

therefore I am trading u 200k at time of message for 119+42+20=181k...get it while it lasts...

Mods please close. sold from private message.

He is a novice level 8!
Mods....close this subject...he/she got no more cards.

Close pleazsmiley

Buy (NOT Sell) Glorg for 3500 clintz.

Already bought 1...close this thread please and thx

Please close i changed my mind

Close please

wednesday 10/06/2009

Close this subject, I changed my mind...sorry mods

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