friday 01/05/2009

I want this trade its a deal!!!!! Pm me we will set it up tom

Close got both

Buying level 1 Wanda for any decent offer...

I am trying to start a Gheist deck and as of now, i have none, except Vlad

Im selling rowdy level 3 for6800 its on the market fyi

Close please!

Make offers and i will consider, pm for faster response

Srry plz close already sold and did not meet reserve price

Im buying uranus for 6500~ so if u have one put it on my private sales

thursday 30/04/2009

How about Vickie and a shakra

I want Tanereva wat you looking for? you can pm me if you want for faster response

Wow this post is working great i have already got over 20 cards keep up the good work everyone.

Plz close

I have got jackie and zatman wanna trade

Lol selling is better

I buy niva around 8k and evo cards chepar als at markt 100-1000 clintz cheaper

4 vladimir 4900 xp 6400.

Mona for 5k clintz. smiley

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