monday 18/05/2009

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Close pls

Close plz

Then sell tana at marketsmiley

I need an azgroth, willing to pay 4.3k for him.
thats only 500 clintz off
thank you

Close please

Close please

Close please. smiley

Pls close
i think no one is interested
ty mods

Done deal finally....Thanks mods smiley

Thanks... dont question why i want them... i have my reasonssmiley

thanks mods

Buy Eklore for 19k and GraksmxxT for 8k.. For trading i have Copper and Coby.. PM me if u have suggestions or questions.. Thankssmiley

Buying Don for 1k... PM and Private Sale.

It's fine...

I want 2 buy enzo just message me if u hav one

Please close mods

I dont care bout its exp or need it for 10k I know its under market price right now, but it'll drop...eventually

Ill do that.

I will trade my splata cr for 12 Ongh.

Thanks mods

I just want to buy a tula for 500 clints : P

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