friday 17/04/2009

Mods please close

You do mean lvl 2 right? and lvl 2 is still 10k off tessa

Right now hes 2k

Close please

I'm looking for zatman and jackie. PM offers. I'm online most of the time.

All cards have been sold. mods close please

Rather have cards from roots la junta or the fang people

All cards but bristone sold...if u want it pm me
mods...plz close...thnx

Offering a Vickie Cr for the Tessa.

Not rather have a lvl 1 for 4k on public market?

3 messages

Pls close

Hi do you have buck?

Lol...changed my mind...looking for Lamar Cr instead of Ombre Cr

thursday 16/04/2009

Ill buy lennox 290

Hi, i'm looking for Kerozinn Cr or Ombre Cr. i have 93K clintz


Ill take that too

Ah, here we go. All done.

Close please.

Dude, they're not even close in price

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