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tuesday 26/05/2009

I am willing to either buy all these cards for the prices listed. OR trade an Ongh (and possibly clints) for the cards listed!

Striker - 9k or more
Jessie - 2k or more
Liu - 2.8k or more!

Only need Striker and Smokey now!

No one interested

Close this please.
He was bought

Buyin some pirana cards

Hawkins (U) (U)--9.5k
Smokey (C) (C)--2.6k
Dalhia (U) (U)--12k
Tula (C) (C)--700clintz
Rhed (R) (R)--850clintz
Katan (R) (R)--3.2k
Scubb (R) (R)--1.5k
Tyd (C) (C)--1.1k

These prices are a little bit below market price if not average

thats it and thatnk you for you time i will help you out in the time to come.
thnx again

Just sell it to me privately. tnx!

The title says it all

pm me

Any cards I may be trading will be at max level.

Sell one pls smiley

I want buy Wendel for 600 and 0exp...
who want to sell can pm me.

Ok i have aurora now kerry is left

Tell me if yo want to sale an cards for 500 or less

Ratanah is sold..
the only cards left are.
rico and zatman

Im buying 40 Wendel for 600 each just send them to my private sales

- must be lv 1
-min price is 100
-max price is 125


Buying marco for 13k

just pm me for negotiations

Guys... this was actually from january.. this case might be closed

I havr Jesse and Randy bt i would like to trade for different card if possible

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