sunday 10/05/2009

I could like to trade my Fabio to Shann or Naginata

1 Fabio to 1 Shann;
1 Fabio to 1 Naginata;

My Fabio is 0XP, and could change to any level of these two card

PM me if you want to. Early come Early served

SELDNOR 24000 AND DIYO 24000

OlgaNoel is currently at 320

Yea im obviously buy arkn but soz i only have 4300 will som1 still sell????????????????????????

Close plz

PM me or put in my sales


Trading Zdrone for a Sargh


saturday 09/05/2009

I would buy it for 1k clintz my name is mmaatt1234 smileysmileysmiley

I have one I'll sell for 1300. The market has him at 1500

What do you want for beltran cr? I got a bunch of nightmares, gheists sakhrom, uppers and some piranas

Selling him for 24000 message me and post here

Close plz traded already

100k for miss twice cr plz

I will buy tessa cr and Kerozinn Cr PM with your offer .

I would like Marco, and Elvira,
I have 12k and some cards to trade PM ME

Buying vickie cr for 101k clintz.

I buy your morphun for 21200

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