friday 15/05/2009

Mods, close this... temporary set-back means this trade can't happen.

Im interested on buying robb for 950 clintz i know its a bit lower but thas why im in the guild message board to find a lower price thank you

Im trading my hawkins for
emeth jane ramba
or wee lee and shayna

Please close this thread. I don't have my vholt anymore. smiley

I have 55 for 210 each all 0xp. HAHA

Jackie,zatman and dorian a little cheaper than market price.

Ok... ashigaru is now sold... i no longer need gibson

@ crash
are you crazy?

close please.thanks

How much for match 1?or if you want a trade PM me thanks!

thursday 14/05/2009

I trade you Thaumaturge Cr for my tanaereva and complement pm please
Thank you

Im looking for oyoh
buying it for 1.9k
send it to my priv sales. . .

I´m looking for Vickie cr. I have about 90 000 clintz right now but i can proably make it 100k. Realy hope somebody will sell it to me. PM please

Close please.
Bought her/him (I don't know what ender it is??!!)

Pm me for some negotiation

If you're selling a Lulabee for less than 2500.

Close please. I know people want the best deal and but some of the deals I have gotten are pretty ridiculous. Graff and Saddy for Yayoi. I will go below market price but to a certain degree.

Starting bid : 15.8k
end at tomorrow 4.00
GTM +8.00

My dolly for kiki

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