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tuesday 13/10/2009

Hello, I am trading Jackie for any Ulu Watu cards, need to meet her price, no double please(same card) Thanks smiley

Thank you mods

Close please

monday 12/10/2009

Just send an offer . and i dont sell cards alone , i sell all the clan for one

I will pay only 180 for them but i will buy as many as you have up to 50

For Marlysa Cr i will offer the whole collection without miss Chloe ,Graff, Shann,, Arno ,Chloe . Jessie, Lulabee, XU52,Willy, Hattori ,Jane Ramba, Lin Xia, Toro Taham Peeler,Kerry, Marco ,Emeth Leviatonn, Gil ,Coby ,Marina,Striker,Blaaster Copper Eklore, Corvus, Morphun and Vholt but ill add Splata Cr , Alec Cr, and 10k

could add maybe 5k more but only if needed

I want bangers and nightmare or jungo and nightmare or selling for 67k

Wtf who are you, mods please close this thread

Hmm you may want to reconsider there are 90 offers below your price and I doubt anyone will buy more than that in one go.

Lock sold

Lock please :3

Deals done close please

Need nightmare---[Azgroth, kenny and Phyllis], who willing to sell or trade cards(Nellie, Edd, Prince Jr, Eve, Anibal, Beverly and Lennox+clintz), pm me plz


Close please

I want the beltran and nahi cr, dont need beltran cr anymore

My aurora your marco, pm me thanks

Please close this thread. He already has his DJ Korr Cr- Buhbye Kiki Hiya Dj Korr.... smiley


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