friday 08/05/2009

Mona for 5k PM me or private sell it to me

Hattori and Emeth is gone....this is closed...Thanks for your time guys!
I really appreciate it! smiley
Close this one please!

I'm still looking for a 17K alec. smiley

Mona for Uranus?smiley

34k plus some cards deal?

Ill take it

Are you offering moprhun or the 0xp cards

Buying them each for 500clintz
send me a private auction please.

Trading my Blaaster for Jane Ramba maxed. Please pm if interested. Thanks!

Ill buy it for 790 plz
pm me

Can a moderator close this topic plz, i brought a different Roots card

Looking for lamar cr for around 110k, please negoiate with me if you want, pm me please

thursday 07/05/2009

Ill buy for 100 clintz you can try to rase my offer

1000 clintz, for me smiley Plz smiley

I am in desperate need of Vickie CR n havent got much money smiley anyone help me out ? smiley

Looking for a lamar i have a miss twice and other cards depending on wat ur looking for

Ok well when u have a kenny to go with it let me know =) thanks lol

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