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saturday 06/06/2009

I will trade uranus for juicy lord and 1700

I got him for 36k in the market this morning smiley

this can be closed please

Nty to both
anyone else?

Still lol

If any1 is selling Kenny for 9.6k please let me know smiley

Can i just buy wanda for 500.

How much for meg

How much for meg plz make it cheap smiley

OMG... Why dont you just level it yourself?!? On the market for level 1 it is only 9750 clintz... That is basically saving 2k clintz... How unsmart would it be to but Shogunn for max for about 2k more when you can just level it yourself for 2 k less....

juicy lord
9K for both
4.8K each
thanks modz

friday 05/06/2009

Looking to buy both Tanaereva+Charlie for 50k

I will buy onik from you

Your still about 30k off, if you throw in a few more cards ill be interested

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