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thursday 04/06/2009

How about 75k and some cards

He's going for 11 000 on the market right now

I take chloe for 3200

Please close this mods
alreadyhave them

For 18000 smiley

Will buy it for 12k clintz..

private sell it to me if interested..


Im buying fuill xp shakra for 6k pm me or put in private sales...

I got vickie Cr u got any goood card exapt the cr u got and how much the full pric efor vickie u paying

Sorry everyone.. he went pretty quick..smiley

Close this mod someone just sell it to me for 10k

please close modsmiley

I have one in my other account

If your willing to switch some junta cards around for me I could trade with you

I have taham (full exp)

how much will you give for him?

Ill give 600 for alexei

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