saturday 11/04/2009

Already got one, pls close.

It got sold, plz close

Buying any LVL but under 7000

friday 10/04/2009

Any lvld jackie for 25k smiley

I'm looking for 117k+ but I'm willing to listen to any reasonable offer.

Let me know if you want 0 or max xp.


I'm looking for Azel valued at 1300.

7k, PM or private sale thanks smiley

Please close thread

Marina for 15 timbers , deal ?

I want to buy a Naginata for about 1700.

I want to trade my :

lvl 3 Vladimir for max lvl Vladimir

Sung Tsu lvl 2 + oscar = your sung tsu max lvl .

thanks mods .

Close please, I just got one from the market for 16k

I will trade Nellie, wardod,oxen, and 750 clitz for hawk

I'm not a credit purchaser so I can only trade 1 at a time I'm sorry but you can trust me smiley

smileyplease closesmiley
cheers smiley

Please close this thread.

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