friday 10/04/2009

7k, PM or private sale thanks smiley

Please close thread

Marina for 15 timbers , deal ?

I want to buy a Naginata for about 1700.

I want to trade my :

lvl 3 Vladimir for max lvl Vladimir

Sung Tsu lvl 2 + oscar = your sung tsu max lvl .

thanks mods .

Close please, I just got one from the market for 16k

I will trade Nellie, wardod,oxen, and 750 clitz for hawk

I'm not a credit purchaser so I can only trade 1 at a time I'm sorry but you can trust me smiley

smileyplease closesmiley
cheers smiley

Please close this thread.

Just put in my private sales. Anyone sale me this Cr?) 90k

Wow. Easy deals. Please close mods.

Thank you. smiley

I just sold my leviatonn

And if you want leviatonn you need to add clintz/cards.

I'll give wardog,oxen and 750 clitz which is about market value. PM me

Thanks mods

Anyone who can sell Bloodh for 7k?thanks.smiley

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