sunday 03/05/2009

Close please

The title says it all
bryan emeth and eyrik + 60k for miss twice cr

thanx mods

Lol i had 4 marco's yesterday but i sold them all
i also got hax ina pack yesterday

Hi im willing to sell wee lee lvl2 for 340k he is worth 500k on the market lvl2

thank you

Liu for 500

I just got my Edd now, can any Mod close the thread please thanks smiley

Buying jessie for 2k

Tanaereva, wee lee, kenny, jackie and ambre

Trade closed.
Thanks all! smiley

Im looking for dragan cr,i hav for it 2 tessa cr full xp + kolos + bloodh

I have Nimestic!

Nice try but no one will give away dj korr cr

You need a Yayoi??? I need a Steve. Lets swap...

For 100 clintz
pm me if ur interested

Close please smiley

Brook, out.

Pls close

What would you like for KOLOS ?

Okay I got Graziella now I have Meroo to trade for your Boris

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