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friday 19/06/2009

I want to trade silman nanook willy and boohma for any skeelz card of equivalent value

I know but i will throw in an extra Few clintz for the trouble instead of 1.5K i will make it 3K The double amountsmiley

Close please, thanks

Why are you telling him to make an offer hawk and lehane for 6.5`k

I am sellin Tanaerava (full) for 38000

thursday 18/06/2009

Alright, please close smiley

Do u have jackie

Do u want to seel jackie to me

I'll trade you Naykee for Don

Macro is marco???

Close please

I have Chad Bread. Wat do u wanna trade for him?

I'll sell A LOT of MAX ones.
PM me!

[Auction/Trade] kiki kiki cr full xp start price 2M

i am french the realy link is:


they are all my estimation cards on the topic

give me yours offers on: http://www.urban-rivals.com/community/forum/?mode=viewsubject&forum_page=&id_subject=979448&subject_page=0

Im buying Rosa not selling... wew!...

I question your idea of his worth in a least insulting way as possible...name any better 2* piranas thats more versatile...

WTF cant you two read!?!?!
it clearly says every banger except crs and vernyum n and
im sellin every banger and 32k or if not im trading them for those allstars!!!

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