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tuesday 02/06/2009

They're less than that on the market, and I'd expect a discount in such bulk anyway.
Would you consider lowering that price?

Who can sell me a cheap boden power of 1650cz? thx a lot

Close please

and thank you smiley

monday 01/06/2009

Mine is 10k lower..already veri cheap...

Ok i do not need jim cr now i am only looking for Lamar Cr please pm so we can make a trade i have over 900 doubles but none are Cr cards so please make some offers

1 jackie
2 marco = 100 000 clintz
20 000 =
sakhrom first 2 pages

Please close

Leviatonn is in you're private sales..

I trade ambre for marco & uranus for aurora

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Mod close, please

Trading Kolos and kenny for jackie.

PM me

How much for fuzz

I have spycee wana trade

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