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sunday 24/05/2009

Thanks for all your offers, please still waitting for better offers smiley

I have 2 lv.3 0xp cards

Svelthlana and she's about 500 for 0xp.

Bodenpower for 2ksmiley

Ill trade it for Charlie and Buck

Pls close
someone bought it already

Mod close pls.................... already sold

Pm me when u r ready to make the trade

You can close i sold it thx mods

saturday 23/05/2009

He is looking for a discount.
I would trade, but I don't have Nahi Cr.

Oh, wait,
I meant: 12450 + Eve, not frankie hi .

I don't think you will get any offers. So no people will not offer something elsesmileysmileysmiley

450 for vansaar maxedsmiley

Close please no longer looking

Also an Amanda Cr 0xp for sale or trade

Stop sending i dont have anymore money because i bougth 300 sliman
close please mods

Sorry, ulu man.
Sold to Fapfap.
Close this subject plz!

Buying tiago in bulk.

i will pay 250 ea 1 or 2 *.

bulks of 5+ only pm me for faster responce.

thanks mods.

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