thursday 30/04/2009

How about Vickie and a shakra

I want Tanereva wat you looking for? you can pm me if you want for faster response

Wow this post is working great i have already got over 20 cards keep up the good work everyone.

Plz close

I have got jackie and zatman wanna trade

Lol selling is better

I buy niva around 8k and evo cards chepar als at markt 100-1000 clintz cheaper

4 vladimir 4900 xp 6400.

Mona for 5k clintz. smiley

700 for Hattori plz if that's ok. i ok can you sell tome on private salessmiley

HEY no one is interested!!!

Need him for my Bangers collection. Please no offer of buyin or tradin wid other cards.
Thanks Mods.

Fu-LordFinbar can buy him. Iwill sell it to you privately ^__smiley__^

Please, keep on topic. I didn't start this to debate Cr prices, how useful they are, or if they're worth it. I just want a Guru Cr, plain and simple.

Also, Lord Finbar, please pay attention to the details, I did not offer a Berserkgirl, but in fact a Berserkgirl Cr. The latter does not link in the posts but it is an old cr worth over 1M clintz on market.

Please, if you do not have anything helpful or relevent to say on the subject of the original post, refrain from posting on this subject. There is no need for this to turn into another digression thread.

Ok splata cr is now 128k
or i will take trades for a vicke cr and 15k

I have this cards !!! i have Dorian and i will add some clintz !!!

PM me i need it

Im offering Tanaereva (U), Kenny (R), Jackie (R) and Ambre (R) and wee lee (U)

pm me

Im offering Tanaereva (U), Kenny (R), Jackie (R) and Ambre (R) and wee lee (U)

Close plz mods

I would like Jackie, Zatman, Dorian, and ruby prefurebly from one person.

I will trade Kolos Kenny, Glorg, and Chikko Cr for them, and some clitz if nessasary
Pm me its faster

Thanks mods

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