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thursday 21/05/2009

People he is exchanging his cards for YOUR vickie cr not the other way around.

Buying Petra for 1935.. please send deals. Thanks smiley

Yeh, you save 4k for this.. Lvl 3 jackie on market is 30k..

i just listed the things i might need.

Please delete thanks mod

Next bid must be at least 5.000 clintz higher than the previous one

I've got a spare Bodenpower and Platoona, both 0xp, and looking to trade them for something decent.
Please PM me or post here with your offers.
Thank you,
&&Thanks mods.

Still there or is it gone?

I have alec, what you got?

I'll take them all. just name a price.

Close plz.

Im selling Ashigaru for 1.8k

Pm me if interestedsmiley

Buying Splata Cr for 100K
anyone offer could just private sell to me~thx

I'm looking for Zatman (U),Dorian (U),SkrumxxT (R),Wakai (R),Wendel (R), and Beetenka (U)..(any level)
I'll trade of all of it to my Lvl3 Jackie (R)...
Just PM me..


All I need now is just Vermyn N at 3* for 7000 clintz Please? and Wanda for 400 clintz. I know the prices are really cheap but i really need it cheap so i can make my deck.

Close plz!

You reALize bristone is only 700-900

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