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wednesday 20/05/2009

If anyone plans on doing this, they should sell their card to you for 2500. If you sell 50 Warrens for 50 Clintz each, 50*50=2500. If they sell only 1 card for 50, you make a quick 2450. If anyone wishes to make the trade, take this into consideration.

Close sold all allready

Close please, already bought it smiley


Anyway please close as I have all the cards I wished to buy and trade.


Add 500 clintz and Deal!

Im looking for at least 3 0xp feelyn..
il buy it for 400clint each

I buy each Taigo for 280, just put into my private sale, maximum would be 150 copies.

I will buy it

Buying Some Nightmares Let It Sell Em For Cheap Plz

I'll buy Timmy for 2000 clints

I can give you Kerozinn Cr

Anyone who have a offer?

Take the 1 off the front any I'll take it. smiley

Im market her price is 444 clintz
if ur interested pm me offers
but im gonna sell her under market price

Just buy one on the market, he's 900 there at the moment.

Im still interested, but i cant pm me, let me know when your on

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