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tuesday 19/05/2009

For 16k or a card of similar value.

Pm me

On the market 0xp 1 star is currently around 2.5k - 3k

you gotta remember the 0xp part.

Close please. Got it!

monday 18/05/2009

Hey im buying all onik out there for 800~ so ......

All I have is 1000 clintz but I am getting more.
PM me if u can sell me Rubie for that price.
Thanks Mods!

Ill take niva for that price

Ill trade ongh niva and sylth for morphun

I will buy ielena for 1500, pllz sell

I will buy ielena for 1450

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Close pls

Close plz

Then sell tana at marketsmiley

I need an azgroth, willing to pay 4.3k for him.
thats only 500 clintz off
thank you

Close please

Close please

Close please. smiley

Pls close
i think no one is interested
ty mods

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