monday 06/04/2009

Man this is a very very old post

I want fabio for 1.5k
and Spiaghi for 500

Please close, exchange complete smiley
Thanks moderarors! smiley

Looking for Scopica for 1,000 clintz even 0xp. Anyone? smiley


All cards sold. pls close. thanks.

Never mind then. I'll sell it on the market. Please close. smiley

Nvm screw my offer got 1 at market for same pricsmiley

Close please kind moderator/admin of UR smiley

sunday 05/04/2009

I have 2 Scubb
1 is 1 star
the other is 4
I'm looking for good piranas

Anyone ill make it 25400

PM with offers please.

It would be nice if it could be below the market price smiley

Mods please close

Close please did sell it

Vickie Cr...120k +
Kolos...........24k =
Tot..............144k -
Seslya Cr.....75k =
Tot................69k that you must still give to me... smiley

Id say sell all doze cards and buy 1 collecter and then keep on buying packs and sell all the cards then thats how you save up for cr's french; l'identification indiquent que la vente toute somnolent des cartes et achètent 1 collecter et puis gardent sur les paquets de achat et vendent toutes les cartes puis qui est comment vous économisez vers le haut pour cr' ; s

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