sunday 05/04/2009

Vickie Cr...120k +
Kolos...........24k =
Tot..............144k -
Seslya Cr.....75k =
Tot................69k that you must still give to me... smiley

Id say sell all doze cards and buy 1 collecter and then keep on buying packs and sell all the cards then thats how you save up for cr's french; l'identification indiquent que la vente toute somnolent des cartes et achètent 1 collecter et puis gardent sur les paquets de achat et vendent toutes les cartes puis qui est comment vous économisez vers le haut pour cr' ; s

Le commerce de défectuosité vous quelques cartes pour le Cr de sam de somme

I want to trade my Sigmund Cr 0 XP+60.000 for an Dragan cr (best 0XP).
please pm me.

30k or negotiate maybe

Need about 5 Terry

100 clints, just put them in my Private Sale


Yes they take it... 100 cards 0xp, I have it now, in the day wih I have public this. smiley

Mods please close

Im still buying a Uranus for 4000 clintz at any level,thanks.smiley

Pretty muchwhat th title says. i would like kolos to be 0xp but ill take whatever

The prices do equal out and I did do the trade. Close please.

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Close please smiley

I put bloodh in your private sales.

Pm me for faster trades or post here

saturday 04/04/2009

Im offering 42k. Yes im aware its 2k and even 3k less than market value, plz save ur breaths and only post if ur interested.

Sorry 24.5k nowsmiley

I would like to buy glorg for 3800 clintz.

Got her.

mod close please. thx.

Me 2 i need ed and i have fabio and don

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