friday 03/04/2009

Gaia for 2000c

Close please .

i did buy it .

Close please .

Baka wala namang magbigay sayo ng ganyang presyo???

150 c for it, as many as possible, up to 10. smiley

I offer 200 c

Give me a week or two and I'll get one for you.

We'll see what the market does between then and now.

Hi, i have my Timber in pfull for only 400. just pm me. smiley

Please close.. i did the deal.. thanks to the moderators for keeping the thread open.....smiley

MODS close please this deal has been done

Got tessa close pls

Close please.

Looking to sell or trade around 27000 value

thanks mods

ps more cards more value i hope you know what i mean

Illegal auction. Auctions must have public bidding, a starting price and a reserve price. Please read the forum rules:

[AUCT] + title
In a auction you MUST write :
A start price (be realistic an choose a proper one).
A deadline (date and time)
You could also indicate a (proper) reserve price.

Full rules:

thursday 02/04/2009

Oh..... so is there an auction or not?? i was going to buy the Winston cards, but if there isn't an auction then i'll buy a sylth instead.

Mods thank you for your time
i bought one
This can be closed please

smileyCLOSE THREAD smiley

He want then to level up, why not look at the pfull selling threads.

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