sunday 19/04/2009

Pm me the price of Elliot and Halley!

I will buy it for 139k

saturday 18/04/2009

I have over 80% of the collection so just put which of these cards ur willing to trade and wat u would like for them. i would greatly appreciate it if some one has one and deep pockets if they wouldnt mind giving a discount on them as i am low on clintz and i only use credits i win from tourneys. thx.

Uhh you can't trade credits

Buying bragh

5* 2000 ea

pm or post offers.

I'm interested in Vermyn N , Blaaster , SkrumxxT , GraksmxxT , and Eris

pm me if needed

50,000 is too much, you can get it cheaper in the market. smiley

Kilter has no more cards to sell or give away smiley

Please close. smiley

Close please.smiley

And yes i am aware of the current market price of these cards

Then if you already bought him, close the subject,mods!smiley

Gave to someone needy Thanks mods and close pleasesmiley

I'll have eryton 500 pm me if u intrested

22k and instantly buy

Close please

I finally just bought him. Too many people tying to get something for nothing.

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